What's there to know?

Basically, I'm a visual creative. 

This includes being a filmmaker, photographer, writer and director. I am currently working as a Digital Marketing and Campaigns Officer at North West Bridge organisation Curious Minds who help connect young people to arts and culture.

I have a degree in Film Production and completed a digital marketing apprenticeship. My passion lies in helping young creatives find their place and their voice. I believe in equality, diversity and working together to build a better future. I have become a trustee for a charity - Upstart Projects - who create opportunities for young people to develop as the arts professionals of the future. 

I'm proud to work in the North West and I'm currently based in Wigan - through this, I have also been involved with the Wigan Cultural Education Partnership.

I am super interested in working with people in various mediums for creative goals. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. My social media links should be somewhere around here or you can drop me an email at thetomedwards@googlemail.com.

Much love.

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