The story of two brothers who are brought back to their childhood home by their father's suicide. 

Starring Alexander McCoy and Sam Landon. Cinematography: Victoria Vrublevska. 

Written/Directed/Produced/Edited by Thomas Edwards

16 minutes 25 seconds


An experimental documentary about the creative process and the creatives themselves. 

Starring Rhiannon Kearns, Jean Edwards, Tarek Slater and Ryan Gilmartin. 

A Thomas Edwards production.

14 minutes and 25 seconds

Disappear Kid

A short film about a magician who wants to show the audience a very personal magic trick. A film that appears as one real-time shot.

Starring Roger Rowley. Cinematography and Editing: Victoria Vrublevska. Producer: Sam Burton. Camera Operator: Cameron Browne. 

Written and Directed by Thomas Edwards.

13 minutes and 13 seconds

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