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  1. I wrote 3 poems when I think I was ill with Covid-19

    2020-07-06 17:20:48 UTC
    I’m like 75% sure I had it. I came home on Friday the 13th of March and felt like 💀  A high fever. Cold sweats. Aches, pains and a mild cough. Fatigue. All sorts. I was wiped out for a week. On the last day of my illness I wrote…

  2. 3rd or 4th time updating the website

    2020-05-25 02:58:37 UTC
    Woah son This website has been always been a learning experience. I’m now on the 3rd or 4th iteration but I can’t be sure which. I could probably check.  The latest changes to the website include: a new home pagea page for my work/projectsa revised colour schemeand just generally, a…

  3. I’m writing a book and I don’t care that I don’t know what i’m doing

    2020-05-15 01:48:00 UTC
    Okay, I kinda care that I don’t know what i’m doing, but hey.  So, basically, i’ve started writing a book. Fiction. Fantasy. Blood. 🩸  It’s a pretty scary experience writing when you don’t have the credentials or qualifications to do so. Ever since I was little I was writing though.…

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