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  1. Short Story: The Standing

    04 Feb 2018
    Hana and her father were eating sushi in the car - hiding from the rain - when they found out that Grandpa had died.  2 weeks later, to the day, she was stepping out the same car and looking up at what used to be her Grandpa’s house. She hadn’t…

  2. Short Story: The Day Everyone in the Office Wore Green

    25 Jan 2018
    Daniel slumped into his office chair with an indifference that made even the chair sigh.  3 hours passed and Daniel looked up from his desk and noticed something peculiar. Everyone in the office was wearing an item of clothing that was green. Steve and Mick (the two man accounting team)…

  3. The 22 Best Films of the Decade So Far

    23 Nov 2017
    Want some film recommendations?  Disclaimer: The following is opinion. I probably forgot some films too. I was inspired to write this post from an article by The New Yorker. I’ve changed the idea to talk more about the best films of the decade so far: 2010 to now. This time…

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