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  1. Turun the World: The TPS Story | Season 1

    2019-02-02 01:01:57 UTC
    Part 1 - Getting My Feet on the Ground.  Turun Palloseura (just had to google it - I’ve absolutely smashed the spelling) are a Finnish football team in the Veikkausliiga (spelt this one wrong about 5 times). Which is Finland’s top league and the equivalent of the English Premier League.…

  2. The North Will Remember

    2018-11-26 11:26:57 UTC
    What will a post-Brexit North look like?  The North Remembers. As part of my Gold Arts Award I have decided to run a documentary project around what northerners think of Brexit. I’m tremendously interested in what the general public thinks of Brexit and want to interview people whether they are…

  3. Short Story: To Marcus

    2018-02-12 12:26:00 UTC
    To Marcus I write this note with a heavy heart. I guess you now know. I’m sorry. When I was five years old I was abandoned by my family in a park. I only remember my Father’s face now. Not my Mothers – never my mothers. I was always broken…

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